Let us help put the wind in your child's sails.

We offer remedial and accelerated learning opportunities for children.

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Tutoring Services

Virtual and In Person; Remedial and Accelerated


At Shoreline Tutors, we want to best accommodate our students so that they feel comfortable and can focus on learning.  We do this by offering both virtual and in-person tutoring sessions.


Our highly qualified instructors work with students, teachers, and families to ensure instruction is tailored to the specific needs of the student - whether they've capsized in the classroom or are out ahead of the fleet!

Our Tutors

State-Certified Teachers 


You wouldn't want to be out on the water with just anyone at the helm. You'd want your captain to be licensed with years of seafaring experience under their belt! And yet, everyday, tutors are hired despite a lack of teaching experience and appropriate certification.


The instructors we place with families and in school districts are certified within a given content field. That means that in addition to being subject experts, they understand best practices and the teaching tools necessary to convey that expertise to students.

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