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Let us help put the wind in your students' sails.

Offering a variety of tiered services for education professionals and students.

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Our Purpose

Socioeconomic Educational Equity

America was founded on the notion of meritocracy and the concept that anyone can become whoever they want to be.  However, since the 1960s, the educational achievement gap has increased along socioeconomic lines despite a reduction in the educational achievement gap by race. We are committed to helping ensure the American ideology that a person's socioeconomic status at birth does not dictate their course in life.

Our Team

High-Performing Veteran Educators

Our founding team is composed of veteran teachers with decades of experience and high-performing track records of student achievement growth. Our team includes instructional coaches, department chairs, grade team leaders, and teacher evaluators.  We know what high-quality instruction looks like, the significant role it has on students achievement, and how to help deliver it to other school districts to help them become more effective.

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