Services for School Districts

Homebound Tutors

In working with schools to provide tutoring hours during suspensions, medical leaves, or as a part of safety plans, Shoreline Tutors has noticed a common theme: many of these instances are involving students with IEP’s and 504’s. What is especially unfortunate is when the tutors tasked with preparing those students for a return to school have little pedagogical experience at all, never mind experience in Special Education.  Shoreline Tutors helps to provide trained and experienced educators who receive on-going monthly professional development on how to best meet the needs of all learners. We are selective in our process and thorough in our training and evaluation.  This can save school districts essential resources that can be allocated to other necessary educational demands that schools need to meet in service of educating tomorrow's leaders.

School-Based Interventions

Shoreline Tutors partners with school districts to supplement academic supports for students, specifically in the subject areas of English Language Arts and Math.  Interventions are personally tailored to meet the specific needs of students.  Our educators collaborate with curriculum coordinators, teachers, and school leaders to promote greater content mastery for students who require additional or innovative academic support.  All of our educators firmly believe that all students can learn and work tirelessly to provide the unique pedagogical methods to deliver rigorous curriculum reverse engineered to develop college readiness. Our committed educators can implement interventions either during school hours or as part of an after-school program.  We can utilize existing school curricula or supplement with tier 2 specific curricula designed by Cambium Learning.

G Suites for Education Professional Development

Shoreline Tutors partners with certified Google trainers to provide school districts with professional development aimed at arming teachers with the technological skills to help combat the challenges of distance learning. We will work with each school or district to customize a professional development opportunity that will meet the needs of their unique faculty.

SAT/PSAT/ACT Prep & Proctors

Shoreline Tutors leverages our extensive network of certified and experienced teachers to provide school districts with ample staffing for the SAT, PSAT, or ACT.  This allows Human Resource offices to streamline the payment process by working with one vendor as opposed to many independent contractors.  Partnering with Shoreline Tutors also saves schools the human capital expense of finding and hiring test proctors.


Shoreline Tutors also provides schools with a quality test preparation program that is delivered by trained professionals using research-based strategies that have been proven to raise test scores.

Praxis Prep for Teachers

Shoreline Tutors maintains an extensive network of certified and experienced master teachers who offer group and individual review sessions to help aspiring educators prepare for content-specific Praxis exams. We recognize that the passing rate of a college's students on the various Praxis exams can affect the overall perceived quality of that college's department of education.  While Shoreline Tutors is confident in the quality of all accredited colleges of education to adequately prepare their students for their content-specific Praxis exam, occasionally some students require a few additional supports to ensure a passing score. 

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