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Services for School Districts

The private, in-home learning group is a small group of learners (typically up to 6). Grou

Homebound Tutors

In working with schools to provide tutoring instructional hours during suspensions, medical leaves, or as a part of safety plans, Shoreline Tutors has noticed a common theme: many of these instances are involving students with IEP’s and 504’s. What is especially unfortunate is when the tutors tasked with preparing those students for a return to school have little pedagogical experience at all, never mind experience in Special Education. 

Shoreline Tutors helps to provide trained and experienced educators who receive on-going monthly professional development on how to best meet the needs of all learners. We are selective in our process and thorough in our training and evaluation.  This can save school districts essential resources that can be allocated to other necessary educational demands schools need to meet in service of educating tomorrow's leaders.

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