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Services for School Districts

Instructional Coaching

Research shows that the effectiveness of a teacher is the single most significant factor that a school can control for student achievement.  Excellent schools have excellent teachers, and excellent teachers get positive student learning results. Ideally, administration and other instructional leaders in a school or district are able to provide the mentorship that some educators need in order to truly develop their craft. However, we know firsthand that the reality is that many, if not most, school leaders are overwhelmed with a lengthy list of challenges that prevents them and their leadership teams from providing such effective teacher mentorship.

Here's more about our instructional coaching process: Our team of proven effective teachers and former school leaders meet with each of their assigned teachers at the beginning of the school prior to the arrival of students. This allows the teacher and mentor to work together to establish a strong classroom culture foundation for the teacher and students. This foundation helps ensure a truly conducive environment for student learning and mitigates potential misbehaviors that often prove more challenging to correct than to prevent.

Our mentors then observe the teacher delivering instruction in a non-evaluative manner after the beginning of the school year habits and expectations have been established. The teacher and mentor then debrief the observation and thoughtfully plan key next steps to elevate the teacher's pedagogical skills and increase their overall effectiveness. This process is repeated once per week to ensure consistent and adequate progress until either the mentor or administrator has determine the teacher's skillset is sufficient to ensure highly effective, transformative instruction.

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