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Tutoring Services

Shoreline Tutors staffs state-certified with both districts and families. While our competitors tend to rely on the unlicensed and untrained teachers, Shoreline Tutors exclusively partners with licensed educators who are pedagogical AND content experts. 

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Comprehensive College Preparation Program

Most school counselors have very little time to dedicate to one of the most meaningful decisions your child will every make in their life: Should they go to college? And if so, where and how? Shoreline Tutors, LLC is committed to ensuring a personalized and effective college preparation program for your child.

In our comprehensive college preparation program, students will receive SAT tutoring, college selection counseling, college essay coaching, and scholarship support to ensure that once they have chosen the right school for them, they do not end up a victim of a mountain of student loan debt.  

We are so strongly committed to your child that we offer a money back guarantee.  If your child does not receive as much aid in scholarship as the cost of our program, we will refund you the entire cost of the program. 

We want to help get as many students into and through college debt-free as possible that we have priced this entire program at a level similar to what other large companies charge for SAT prep alone.

Program Cost: $2,000

For questions or to enroll your child, email us at

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