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Shoreline Now Offering Private In-Home Learning Groups for Families!

Private in-home learning groups are one way we at Shoreline Tutors is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty surrounding school reopenings in CT.

In-Home Learning Groups

Amid the uncertainty about what the fall will offer students, families want to ensure they are prepared. We've heard from many parents about small group instruction and tutoring and have begun to receive requests for a similar service.

Here's how it works...

The private, in-home learning group is a small group of learners (typically up to 6). Groups are usually comprised of sibling sets from different families who have safely interacted throughout the pandemic. This ensures that students maintain the benefits of school socialization while still reducing the spread of the coronavirus.

While the notion of learning groups might seem like a poor alternative in a time of desperation, the truth is there is much that students can gain from the model. First, learners are matched with state-certified teachers, each of whom is endorsed for the range of subjects and grade-levels of student groups.

Most importantly, however, is the number of students relative to the single instructor. A low student to teacher ratio is proven to facilitate faster and more widespread learning. This learning environment has been shown to increase student confidence by encouraging participation from children who may otherwise avoid doing so.

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