Services for School Districts

Google Teacher Suite Professional Development

Shoreline Tutors partners with certified Google trainers to provide school districts with professional development aimed at arming teachers with the technological skills to help combat the challenges of distance learning.

G Suite for Education.jpeg

We will work with each school or district to customize a professional development opportunity that will meet the needs of their unique faculty.

Anxiety and Stress Management for Teachers & Social/Emotional Engagement with Students

Each PD offering is facilitated virtually by Professional Anxiety Coach, Amanda Huggins, with whom we’ve worked to design a training program that specifically addresses the challenges of distance learning. You can learn more about Amanda here!


The unfortunate reality is that however your school plans to return, the learning model must continue to align with a pandemic-fighting mentality. Thus, much of what made the latter half of the 2020 school year so difficult for school staff, young people, and their families will persist. These two courses provide educators with the tools to proactively address those stressors as they pertain to both teaching and learning.