Tutoring Services

Shoreline Tutors staffs state-certified with both districts and families. While our competitors tend to rely on the unlicensed and untrained teachers, Shoreline Tutors exclusively partners with licensed educators who are pedagogical AND content experts. 

Private Certified Tutors

We want your child to own their education, but independent study habits and self-advocacy are learned skills. Our state-certified STEM and Humanities teachers are uniquely poised to help facilitate academic growth. We offer remedial and accelerated learning opportunities in the following areas:


Basic Numeracy             General Science         

General Math                 Biology

Algebra I & II                   Earth Science

Geometry                        Physics

Trigonometry                  Chemistry



General ELA .                  General Social Studies

Reading                           US & World History

Comprehension             Government

Reading Fluency             Economics

AP English                        Psychology

Composition                    Sociology


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