Let us help put the wind in your child's sails.

We offer remedial and accelerated learning opportunities for children.

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Tutoring Services

Virtual and In Person; Remedial and Accelerated


We at Shoreline Tutors want to best accommodate our students so that they feel comfortable and can focus on learning.  We do such by offering tutoring either virtually or through in person tutoring sessions.  Additionally, whether your child has capsized in the classroom or is out ahead of the fleet, we can help support a variety of academic endeavors.

Our Tutors

State-Certified Teachers 


You would not hire a sailboat captain who does not have a sailing license.   Why would you hire a tutor who does not have a teaching license?  All of our tutors have a teaching certification in the subject area in which they tutor, which means not only have they excelled in the classroom, but have also demonstrated competency on the state licensing examination AND have demonstrated proficiency teaching children the academic skills they need in order to be successful.

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1:1 Tutoring

Unlike the typical classroom of 30 students, you child will benefit from our 1:1 teacher:student ratio.